Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1. What makes CZT : AE different from other Zentangle events?

    CZT : AE has always been run by CZTs for other CZTs. This is something that we will always hold to. Our instructors come from all over the world, lending unique flavour and new perspectives to each of our events. Additionally, CZT : AE has always run as a not-for-profit, community event. Where it is possible, we have always worked directly with suppliers, logistic companies and Zentangle Inc. to ensure that any cost savings are transferred to the event, and by extension, to all of you also, as members of the CZT community. Every year, we have donated funds to causes we believe in. This year, we will be donating to UNICEF as a community. In all, CZT : AE is a valuable community resource that continues to evolve and grow along with the community it was created to serve.

  • Q.2 Why does CZT : AE not offer full scholarships?

    We desire to keep the fees as affordable and accessible as possible for all our colleagues in the community. We understand that finances may be a barrier to continuous learning, and this is what the partial scholarship program hopes to alleviate. We believe that if we say we are giving back as a community to the causes we support, then we must truly, ALL be giving back together as a community. As we are supplying class ideas that have the potential to bring income to all our participants, as well, it is only right that there exists a subsidised fee, ie. there cannot be a full waiver of fees.

  • Q.3 May I instruct at the next CZT : AE?

    Yes, you may apply. This is open to CZTs who have been certified at least 12 months prior to the actual event itself.

  • Q.4 Why do instructors also pay a fee to participate?

    Instructors pay a discounted fee to participate because they are also able to access content that is brought to the event by other fellow instructors, that may bring potential income [ see above ]. This may be likened to a 'pot-luck' buffet, where everyone brings a dish to the table, and we can all partake together as a community.

  • Q.5 May I re-teach what I learn at CZT : AE to my own students?

    Yes, you may re-teach concepts that you have encountered at CZT : AE. We strongly encourage the good practice of going to our instructors directly about re-teaching their classes or using their concepts. You may be surprised at how amazingly generous, open and giving ALL our instructors are!

  • Q.6 What can I expect if I am attending CZT : AE for the first time?

    You will be part of an independent, leisurely learning environment, with a community of like-minded CZTs who are full of enthusiasm for their art and their own learning journey. Everyone is invited to share as much or as little as they like, in a non-competitive and almost familial community. You will be able to access and re-access all course content, such as on-demand videos, handouts, photographs, outlines and other materials, for a full calendar year.

    All participants of CZT : AE will also gain access to the CZT : AE Alumni Club. The Alumni segment is voluntarily contributed to by the CZTs at 7F5R Studio as a bonus feature of the event. All content in this segment features lifetime, permanent access, FREE to participate live or watch on demand. Learn more about the Alumni Club here:

Contact Information

Team Singapore for CZT : AE


Contact Person: Debbie New CZT 18